• Curtains That Express
    Curtains That Express
  • Efficient, Simple, Elegant
    Efficient, Simple, Elegant


Put Your Touch In Every Room

Completely You

When moving into a fresh house, you instantly feel the urge to put your touch in every room, to make it feel warm, welcoming and completely you. It's surprising how much impact something as practical and simple as curtains can have on a room.

Transform Each Room With A Different Feel

Practical & Diverse

Curtains are not simply used to block out light or to create privacy; curtains allow you to choose from many fabric styles to frame for your windows and doors, creating a feature and different feel from the blank canvas the room once was.

Curtains Have Numerous Advantages

So Why Not Blinds?

Primarily, curtains are warmer in every sense. Not only do they look and feel warmer and more luxurious than blinds, they physically provide better insulation, as well as keeping out any stray drafts that threaten to invade your home.


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What Style Of Curtain Should You Choose?

Well in essence, this is entirely down to your personal preference, but let's explore the variety of curtains that Ashbury Blinds have to offer.

Pencil Pleat & Pinch Pleat

Pencil Pleat Curtains are a popular and stylish choice, for those who aren't familiar with the style, it involves a tape across the top of the curtain and three cords embedded in the material to give the home owner a choice of how tight or loose to have the pleats. A positive of these curtains involves the diversity of style, allowing the home owner to add an extra touch of sophistication to the pleats such as tassels or embroidery. They're easy to clean as well, as the pleats can be untied at the ends to let the curtain lay flat.

Contemporary Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet Curtains are a modern style of curtain. The material is interrupted with metal eyelets at the top, allowing simple assembly as all you do is slide the curtain pole inside the eyelets. They hang attractively, with a loose and soft fold every few centimetres. These curtains can come in a wide range of colours and materials.

Wave Curtains

Wave curtains allow the fabric to hang in evenly spaced vertical ripples or waves, providing a pleasing visual effect from both sides of the window.


Our Commitment To You

  • 1
    Talk to the experts

    Speak with one of our highly trained members of staff who can help with any of your questions and show you a range of styles and fabrics.

  • 2
    Home Consultation

    We will arrange to come to your house at a time that is convenient for you and measure your dimensions ensuring everything is correct.

  • 3
    First-Class Manufacturing

    Every care and attention goes into the manufacture of your product, each detail is expertly put together by our team of master craftsmen.

  • 4
    Expert Installation

    We take the headache out of each home installation. Our professional team will ensure that your product will be fitted perfectly into your house.


Why Purchase Bespoke Curtains?

So, you've decided that curtains are the way forward to enhance your home's attractiveness. They're warming and give a hint of luxury, so why not go one further and have a beautiful bespoke pair made to frame your windows or patio door?

When you purchase a bespoke set of curtains, you can pick and choose the shade and the type of material that will blend perfectly with the room you're dressing. Why not jazz it up with a geometric patterning? Add some accessories such as tie backs and curtain hooks, maybe antique brass or a modern silver. The best thing about having bespoke, made to measure curtains is the wide choice of designs to browse through.

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Curtains In Living Room
Curtains In Living Room
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